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Grogan WorldWide


"Those who reach the top of the mountain did not fall there"

-Vince Lombardi

Mission Statement

of Dr. John Michael Grogan

  • To help enrich the quality of life by delivering an excellent source of information people can use to capture their goals and fulfill their dreams.


  • To help those who would excel, to know that we should never let failure or setbacks corrupt our new beginnings. 

  • To help people become a person of purpose and significance; to know that we are “hot wired” for success. God put it in our DNA.


  • To help those who would press on, to know that the highest reward for our  labor is not what we get from it, but what we become by it, and that character is true wealth. 

  • To help people to know that permanent change happens in the will and not in the emotions; that feelings make for accommodating servants but deceitful masters. 

  • To confirm to those who know, that the way we win big is through cooperation; by working together as a team and not merely alongside one another. Moreover, that self centered individualism is all elbows and leads only to separation and isolation. 

  • To help people realize that the true greatness of any society, group, team, organization, association, or company, is not in the amount of wealth or knowledge it accumulates, but in how it treats the least of its members; that those who do nothing for others do nothing for themselves.

  • To help those who will, to know that kindness is the highest wisdom.  The Talmud